Some Important hacks to impress your Nightmare – Your Boss!!

Did you recently get a new job? Are you looking for ways to impress your supervisor/Boss? Many people just like you are curious about how they can go about...

Did you recently get a new job? Are you looking for ways to impress your supervisor/Boss? Many people just like you are curious about how they can go about the business of impressing their Boss/Seniors while not coming off as a brownnoser.


If you are looking for some straight forward, basic advice about this topic, this post is for you! The material presented here is based on an informal conversations from various business leaders and managers across a wide swath of industries. Are you ready? Let’s jump right in!




Be on time: This advice may sound a bit cliché but it’s super important. Supervisors are often charged with keeping costs low while also having high productivity for those whom they manage. Whenever you are late to work, you cause your boss to take a hit in this work related area, which in turn translates to lost money.


By making sure you are on time to work each day, you help your supervisor’s overall productivity scores remain low and by extension, saves your employer money.




Fly under radar: One of the most time consuming jobs a supervisor has is figuring out how to resolve problems. This is particularly true if your boss manages a large group of people. One sure-fire way to get on your bosses good side is to do your job and do it well.


Don’t be the person who constantly brings your supervisor problems. When you do this, you unintentionally come off as a negative person and can put a bad taste in your boss’s mouth. Supervisors like employees who do their job well, are flexible and can adapt to change. And under this point, make sure you never say any of these 5 things at work.




Have a solution ready: As mentioned previously, supervisors are problem solvers. If you have an issue that you must bring to your supervisor (after exhausting other resources) make sure you also have ready a solution. Bosses like it when employees are able to identify different challenges and come up with working solutions.


This is a win-win dynamic that can help you look like a superstar when problems do arise. The fix you come up with doesn’t have to be a final solution – even a temporary fix that gets whatever the situation is through the moment can be helpful.




Make your boss look good: One of the most important things you can do in your career is be seen as a team player. There are many ways of doing this but the most visible way is by making your boss look good. This is accomplished by speaking only good things about your boss in front of others. Never go over your bosses head about a problem unless it is absolutely necessary (i.e. sexual harassment, abuse).


When you escalate an issue over your supervisor’s head without letting them know, you seriously run the risk of angering your boss and potentially putting your job at risk. If this sounds direct, that’s because it is. Make sure you take this same approach when completing employee surveys. Never use an employee survey as an opportunity to bash your boss. Chances are, your remarks will be traced right back to you with pinpoint accuracy.




Demonstrate value: This final point is of key importance. Whenever your boss asks how you are doing, don’t just say “fine”. Instead, say something positive about the work you are doing. Example: “I’m doing great – I just finished completing the ABC report before deadline”.




Another example: “Things are going well, I am on target to reaching my sales goal for the quarter.” Follow these statements up with an offer to be of assistance. Example: “Do you need anything?” Using this approach helps to demonstrate value. Bosses love this. The trick is to do it in a way that is not obvious. You will likely need to play around with this one and modulate how you phrase responses over the course of time.


Now for your quick and efficient perusal see these few points to make a change and to be in your Boss’s favorite list:-




Take the initiative. If you can do the right thing without being told, you lift a huge burden off your boss’s shoulders – and he’ll have more time for naps.




Correctly complete the task you’re assigned. When the boss gives you something to do he doesn’t want to wonder if it’ll be done. He should know that it will.




Don’t give your boss a problem she/he has to solve for you. She has other things to do. The squeaky wheel gets replaced.




Do more than you’re asked to do. This one trait will set you above 99 percent of everyone else. Too often we forget that our job is to help our employer succeed – and that our duties include finding something productive to do when there’s no task assigned.




Stop multitasking; you aren’t good at it. Study after study has proven that doing more than one thing at once lessens the quality of each thing you’re doing. If you are sure you’re the exception, look up “Dunning-Kruger Effect.”




Figure it out. Stop pestering the boss for help. It’s your job, so figure out how to get it done. If you need his help, why does he need you?




Ask questions. Notice that this is different from #6. The questions you should ask are ones like “Can I have this to you by tomorrow?” and “May I bring you my idea for making the clocks faster?” (Assuming you build clocks.) Avoid questions like “Will you type this for me, I’m kind of sleepy?” or “Can I bring my cats to work?” hahaah
Have an opinion when asked. “When asked” is the important part. Your boss will want to know if his idea to round? to 3.2 is really okay. Tell him the truth, even if the truth is: “Um, probably not.”




Learn. Unless you like where you are, you have to become more skilled. Learn your boss’s job. This will make you take him obver one day, so means you impress nobody..Lolz




Be enthusiastic. Enthusiasm covers a lot of faults. When we send the dog to fetch a stick and he comes back with a rock we forgive him because he’s excited. I’ll tell you right now that if my dog brought back a rock and was apathetic about it – I’d be pet shopping by suppertime.

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