Some Bizarre Stuff You Boys do to Wooh her !! Impress That Hottie !!, But -Don’t Act Like a Jack*ss To Get Your Princess !!

Impressing girls has never been a piece of cake for guys. Almost everyone has tried it, and almost all have failed, at least initially. Some gain expertise, while some...

Impressing girls has never been a piece of cake for guys. Almost everyone has tried it, and almost all have failed, at least initially. Some gain expertise, while some get overtly confident. Some remain shy for life, while some get nervous. Overall, it has always been a hilarious situation for girls, who fail to control themselves from having some fun. Here, we look at the 10 dumbest things guys do to impress girls.

Drinking Too Much

Guys assume drinking alcohol or bragging about drinking will make them look cool. But it doesn’t. While a some girls may be okay with the guy having a glass or two, no one likes a drunk guy hitting on her, leave alone being impressed. The confidence which is required to approach any girl comes from within, guys! Not from alcohol. And trust me, no girl wants to listen to your “I can drink 10 shots of gin!” or “Once we got wasted at Manali” stories. It only hampers your image.

Bragging About The Girls They Hooked Up With

Seriously? That’s something to boast about? No girl would be impressed with that, and ultimately it makes you look like a loser not to be stable with any one person. Also, labelling a girl as ‘hot’ or ‘sexy’ instead of ‘beautiful’. Every girl wants to feel special, and they certainly won’t, if you let them perceive you as a person who’s not looking for stability.

Boasting About Themselves

One thing which girls surely hate is a guy boasting about himself to impress her. Sure, a girl should know his qualities, but going on boasting about your achievements? That’s a no. Talk moderately, listen to her point of view as well. Further, if you reveal all about yourself at the first go, then not much remains to be said later. It’s always great to surprise the girl with hidden qualities about yourself.

Being Over Chivalric

Being chivalric is a must for any guy, not just with girls, but also with their female acquaintances. But some guys get over the top with chivalry and forget their limits. Forcing a girl to not pay by holding her hands, or picking up continually helping them with something or the other, or holding their hands every time they walk through a rough place is too much. Girls do know how to take care of themselves. They’re as independent as you are and don’t like someone trying to intrude into it. Be chivalric, but only to the respectable limit.

Playing The Victim

“You know I was used.” “I was cheated.” “You know they ditched me!” Please. No girl wants to listen to this. Initially they may sympathise with you a couple of times, but soon they get pissed off. No, playing the victim only shows that you’re vulnerable to wrong attachments, and can’t decide between right and wrong for you.

Using Inappropriate Grammar

“Hy..!! hw r u nw..?? u r pretty, I lyk u a lott..!! lets plz go fr coffee..?? itz gng 2 b amzng..!!” R.I.P. Grammar. Don’t EVER dare to do that. If you can’t use proper grammar, then forget about impressing a girl, forever. Using proper grammar only shows your maturity, which is a big factor for girls to decide whether to give you a chance or not. It shows you care to pay attention to little, yet important things in life.

Emotional Blackmail

“You’re the sunshine of my life, don’t leave me otherwise I’ll kill myself.” You may seem attractive by saying this only to a psychiatrist and not a girl. Emotional blackmail is the worst thing one can possibly do to establish himself in the good books of any girl.

Rash Driving

One thing which guys love and girls don’t, is fast or rash driving. Apparently, speed gives guys an adrenaline rush. But wait! Girls don’t get that! Please, for God’s sake stop driving faster than an aircraft with loud EDM or Trance blaring from your sound systems. It’s scary, trust me.

Showing Off Their Body Building Skills

Agreed girls like well – built men, but constant talks about daily gymming sessions, eight pack abs, protein powder is a big NO to them. Girls love great bodies – the finished product. They’re not interested in what goes into getting it built. Especially when you use complex terms and talk about sacrifices. Girls lose their interest, both in the topic and in you.

Dressing Offensively

Wearing muscle tight T-shirts with negligible sleeves, jeans which end above the talus bone, perhaps so low waist that it shows more than required. These are not cool at any extent. Girls have been attracted to sensibly dressed men, even if their attire isn’t very expensive. Inappropriate dressing sours a girl’s mood and she questions of decision making in life. Chance lost.

So next time you want to approach a girl and impress her, do keep in mind the above points and try to follow them, to actually leave a great and lasting impression on the girl. And offcourse we are here to proctect you from being a Dumb !

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