Himalaya Herbals Protein Conditioner Review

Repair & Regeneration for Dry/Damaged Hair I style my hair very often. Hair color, heat tools and hair sprays are my hair’s ‘bad’ but best friends. My hair are...

Repair & Regeneration for Dry/Damaged Hair


I style my hair very often. Hair color, heat tools and hair sprays are my hair’s ‘bad’ but best friends. My hair are long and thick but at the same time dying and styling tools have made them ‘coarse’, a lot of frizz now exists in my naturally straight hair. A good hair-care is a must when you take your hair through so much. Whenever I wash my hair I try using a conditioner that deep conditions my hair.


Quantity – 200 ml

Price – 130

Shelf Life – 3 years


Considering my damaged hair, I decided not to use anymore chemicals in my hair and was looking for herbal/ayurvedic and natural products to treat my hair. I thought of giving a shot to Himalaya Herbals which is a very well known herbal brand in the Indian market.


I picked the protein conditioner especially formulated for repair and regeneration to dry/damaged hair. The description was quite impressive and instigated me to try it. The condition comes an opaque white bottle with green flip-open cap. It’s a travel-friendly packaging. The conditioner is white, creamy and velvety in texture. The conditioner does not smell that great but I assume most herbal products don’t. Though, it has a very familiar smell to that of ‘Boroline’ if any of you are aware of that old age cream.Untitled-1

The conditioner claims of having protein ingredients like Chickpea and Bean Sprout which I really believe.  The conditioner is extremely creamy and a little goes a long way. The moment you apply it in your hair, you start feeling them softer as if they are melted in butter. I am about to finish my first bottle and had about 20-25 washes which have made a drastic change in my hair. They are not that frizzy anymore. The humidity used to make my hair worse but this conditioner maintains the balance. I can’t believe how inexpensive this is; I am going to continue using it for a while now.



Recommendations – I highly recommend this conditioner for all those having damaged hair. It is gem of a product at such a nominal price for its quality and quantity. It’s a keeper.

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