Crazy Facts to Blow Your Mind!!

Some days, a good dose of fiction will blow your mind, but today your mind can be blown with a good old dose of truth, brought to you by...

Some days, a good dose of fiction will blow your mind, but today your mind can be blown with a good old dose of truth, brought to you by science. These fascinating facts lend credence to the saying that truth is stranger than fiction. Here are 16 strange titbits that even a master writer couldn’t think up on his or her own.
Rogue planets

Did you know there are millions of rogue planets hurtling through the galaxy? They do not orbit stars, and drift through empty space. There are supposedly billions of these in the Milky Way galaxy.

Giant dragonflies



The Meganeura dragonfly lived 300 million years ago and was no small pest. It had a wingspan measuring over 2 feet wide.

Slow coach moon



The moon slows down Earth. Every century the moon’s rotation adds 1.7 milliseconds onto a day. If you do some math, 350 million years back the year was 385 days long.

Marijuana bullseye 



The system in charge of regulating human mood, appetite, pain sensation and memory is called the endocannabinoid system. This is the same system that the THC in marijuana targets.

Oranges that aren’t orange 



Some orange species growing close to the equator stay green, despite becoming ripe. These species are exposed to direct sunlight, causing them to retain their green chlorophyll. Farmers use ethylene gas, cold shocking or wax to remove the chlorophyll because consumers won’t buy green oranges.

Tallest cliff in the solar system



The tallest cliff in our solar system is called Verona Rupes. Located on Uranus’ moon Miranda, this staggering tall cliff is 6.2 miles high.

The Tunguska Event



In 1908, an asteroid exploded 5 miles above Earth’s surface. The reason? Earth’s thick atmosphere. Fortunately, it landed in a remote part of Russia so nobody was hurt. Unfortunately, it knocked over some 80 million trees.

The Great Flood




5.3 million years back, the Mediterranean Sea had been cut off and dried up. A massive flood, The Zanclean Flood, caused water from the Atlantic Ocean to spill through the Gibraltar Strait over several months, refilling the sea.

Corona heat



The plasma surrounding the sun, called the Corona is actually hundreds of times hotter than the sun’s surface. This baffles scientists, who are still trying to figure out why.

Where lightning is likely to strike twice




Venezuela’s Lake Maracaibo has the most lightning on the planet. There are 150 nights of lightning per year, 10 hours a day and approximately 280 times per hour.

Best toaster in the world


A single bolt of lightning has enough power to toast 100,000 slices of bread. Now that’s what I call efficient cooking.

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